Protective Full Face Shield Anti Droplet Washable Protector with Foam – UptownFab™

Super Comfortable Full Face Shield - Great for 2nd Tier Extra Protection Over Mask

  • $19.95
  • Save $20

The Full Face Shield is made with the same quality and standards trusted by medical centers and hospitals across the country. It provides excellent protection against potential contamination from sneezing, coughing, airborne bugs, and harmful chemical splashes. These reusable face shields are perfect for areas where higher protection might be required, such as hospitals, airplanes, big crowds, etc.

Conveniently designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time, The Direct Splash Protection Shield can be worn wherever you go. Whether you’re going shopping, to work, or using public transportation, you can wear this virtually anywhere!


  • Clear, lightweight, bendable, yet sturdy
  • Foam forehead band for extra comfort
  • Elastic head strap – one size fits all