Stylish Sleek Face Cover - Breathable & Comfortable - No Ear Tug – UptownFab™

Sleek and Trendy Face Cover - Breathable & Comfortable - No Ear Tugging!

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We live in a fast-paced environment and all we think about is the present time. Stop for a minute and think about your health and the health of your beloved ones. Every day we inhale extremely bad airborne particles that have a destructive impact on our health, we are surrounded by pollution, bacteria, dust, pollen exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.


  • BREATHABLE material that doesn't fog up glasses. This mask allows you to work out while intaking more oxygen than a standard mask due to the air valve.  
  • Will not tug on your ears like other masks. Stays up easily with no need to readjust every few seconds.
  • HAND WASHABLE fabric that allows you to clean and reuse your mask as necessary.
  • EXHALATION VALVE allow unwanted heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor out ensuring comfort as well as function. Our Mask has a contoured design ensuring it ‘seals’ comfortably.
  • GREAT FOR THE CITY: Our Mask offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odors associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The filter used in the mask, has been specifically developed for filtering a wide variety of nuisance dusts and odors commonly found in major cities.