Men's Undershirt to Hide Belly Compression Chest Stomach Tee Shirt – UptownFab™

Men's Compression Undershirt - Hide Belly Fat ~ Improve Your Look!

  • $24.99
  • Save $35

  • INSTANTLY SLIM YOUR ABDOMEN : Shaping your chest and belly, flatten the breasts and stomach. Hide your "man boobs" well, and deal with a "beer belly". You will look up to 5" slimmer, 20lbs lighter instantly.
  • UNBREAKABLE DESIGN: On the inside are powerful layers of high quality nylon & spandex fibers that are tightly knitted together. They flatten your chest and stomach, and the outer fabric is light weight with panels sewn in to aid in the compression.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF COMFORT: The light, highly-elastic fiber offers excellent comfort and full range of motion, extremely breathable, heat absorbing and moisture wicking sweat releasing.
  • DISCREET: Invisible under any kind of clothing, such as workout shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and formal dress shirts. You never have to worry about clothes you can't wear. 

Effectively hides bulges, bumps and rolls, allowing you to look thin and trim. Makes you look inches smaller and thinner instantly!

• Helps to protect your spine from back aches and muscular fatigue and aids in keeping good posture.
• Firming panels comfortably trim and tighten your abdomen, chest and back for a lean appearance
• Smooth body lines and core support, reinforce the lower back
• Comfortable, unlike other similar products on the market or girdles.
• You'll feel comfortable and confident wearing it