Full Body Slimming Spanx Shaper High Waist Leg Compression Butt Lifter – UptownFab™

Full Body Slimming Shaper with High Waist & Leg Compression & Butt Lifter

  • $24.99
  • Save $45

An invisible body shaper masterpiece! Designed to shape your entire body, it covers from your upper tummy to your knees. It's invisible under clothes; a surprising combo of comfy and effective. It's made with StabliityPro™ advanced technology fabric, which offers targeted compression: it strategically shapes certain areas of the body for a naturally enhanced look. It slims from the tummy down to the sides of the thighs, and also has special target zones boost your booty up & give you that butt lift.

  • Made with StabliityPro™ advanced tech super comfy compression fabric
  • Targeted compression slims where it counts: Slims torso and legs: from waist and to legs .
  • Gives your butt a beautiful & lifted shape
  • Invisible under clothing 
  • “Like a second skin.” Ultra-light design for complete freedom of movement
  • Comfy & Soft