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Corset BodySuit - Full Body Shaper with Buttlift!

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Put your body in the spotlight, with no inhibitions whatsoever! The Ultra Curve Shaping Bodysuit is the secret ingredient to a confident and amazing look!

● This bodysuit comes with a long list of benefits, and offers support and curve shaping from your shoulders, to below your knees.

● Proper back support, adequate compression on your midsection, a butt-lifting effect, and a bust enhancing adjustable strap, are just some of the confidence stimulating positive effects of the curve shaping bodysuit. 

● Looking gorgeous, and going through a post-surgery or postpartum recovery process, don’t have to be done separately!

Shapes & Sculpts- A full-body shaper which gives you 360-degrees of firm control. This slimming bodysuit trims your waist and tummy and lifts your butt. Specifically designed to shape the midsection of your body, targeting firm tummy control to emphasize your natural curves.

Adjustable & Comfortable- Straps are adjustable in length, giving you the perfect natural fit and reducing pressure on your shoulders. Breathable fabric allows your skin to breathe in a comfortable design that looks seamless under your clothes.

Gives Shape to All Women- This shapewear is comfortable enough to be worn every day and can be used as a bodyshaper for women who are postpartum or post C-Section. It is also provides enough support and compression to be worn as a garment in the recovery process from liposuction. Practical enough for every woman, yet sexy and beautiful enough to be worn as bridal shapewear, or under evening gowns or formal wear.

Improves Posture- In addition to shaping and sculpting your figure into the ideal hourglass form you’ve always wanted, this bodysuit has enough compression built in around the waist to correct posture and boost fat burn. It offers enough support in your midsection to help you get your abs into great shape, burning fat whether you’re sitting or standing.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderfully made!

I am very happy with this well made body shaper. I wear it during my sleep hours and I can see a difference in the shape of my body. My waist is more defined and Smaller I like what I see. Mind you, I work out 15 minutes everyday and eat smaller portion. I recommend this full body shaper, it is well made and it will do what it says!

Diana Augustama

Fits perfect